Namaqua Flower Skilpad Camp

11 August to 10 September 2017



Namaqua Flower Beach Camp

18 August to 17 September 2017









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Find yourself

Stargaze. Explore. Relax. Switch-off. Smell the camp-fire. Travel and explore. Live. Love. Laugh. Be free. Create. Enjoy. Respect nature. Forget the world. Make friends. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Breath. Share. Inspire. Carry only what is precious to you. Reflect. Ponder. Become. Sing. Play. Watch. Count. Taste. Dream. Be free. Set free. Be excited about the open road.

Nature’s Confetti

From the rugged vast coastline of Namaqua National Park to the seemingly endless vistas in Skilpad, your heart will fill to overflowing.

Cast your eyes east and west, north and south and you will come across a floral kingdom that is hailed as one of the most spectacular in the world.

Legendary Namaqualand daisies take pride of place alongside thousands of other floral species in every color and shape imaginable.
Breathtakingly beautiful, Freeman Patterson describes Namaqualand as the Garden of the Gods. “Namaqualand,” says Patterson, “offers flowers as symbols of hope and courage; we are able to believe that, like flowers buffeted, beaten, and scarred by external forces, we can still attain moments of excellence and great beauty.”

Pinks are not just pinks, neither are yellows just yellows, a daisy is not simply a daisy; splashes of mauve, magenta, pink and purple; seas of gold, delicate blues and rich greens will fill your senses. Inland or coastal, Namaqualand is spring’s majestic affirmation of life in all its glory.

Join us for this annual celebration, a proclamation of the beauty of nature’s confetti and a sharing of this truly unforgettable experience.

Namaqua Flower Skilpad Camp

11 August to 10 September 2017

Take your time to explore the flowers and experience the luxury and convenience of an elegant private mobile tented camp, right in the flowers, under skies that seem to stretch as far as the eye can see. Flowers by day and stars by night, a visit to the Namaqua Flower Skilpad Camp in the Skilpad Nature Reserve, 30km from Kammieskroon, the closest town, is an unforgettable experience. With its winter rainfall, Namaqualand is home to the richest bulb flora of any arid region in the world and more than a 1 000 of its estimated 3 500 plant species are found nowhere else on earth.

Limited space – 20 tents only


Namaqua Flower Beach Camp

18 August to 17 September 2017

Every year nature performs a miracle in the Northern Cape, sprinkling confetti as far as the eye can see. Nature’s confetti. The seasonal winter rains trigger one of the most spectacular floral kingdoms, a truly breathtakingly beautiful phenomenon, which is quite possibly unlike anything you have experienced before. Succumb to an oasis for rest and relaxation at the Namaqua Flower Beach Camp located one kilometer north of the Groenrivier entrance to the National Park, right on the ocean. An extraordinarily memorable occasion.

Limited space – 12 tents only