Flower Beach Camps

  1. Bitterfontien, a small town on the eastern side of the N7, continue north for approx. 38km. Look out for the Groenrivier sign and turn left at the sign onto a gravel road.
  2. Continue for approx. 11 km (perhaps encountering a closed farm gate, and simply open, pass through and close behind you).
  3. At the T junction, turn right, and continue for approx. 300m before turning sharp left.
  4. You are on the final stretch, and sit back and enjoy the rolling hills of the Namaqua hinterland, passing a number of farm steads, for approx. 50km. Just before finally reaching the coastal road, turn right (once again close the gate behind you). Continue down the road for approx. 1km before arriving at the SANP. Reception office, and it is here that you must complete your park entry formalities.
  5. After leaving the park office, head up the hill and continue for approx. 1km and Namaqua Flower Beach Camp will be on your left hand side.
  6. Approx 28 km’s south of Kammieskroon is the small town of Garies, on the western side of the N7, and depending on whether you elect to enter the town from the north, continue through the town and approx. 1km out of the town, turn right onto a gravel road at the Groenrivier sign.
  7. Travelling from N7 towards Hondeklipbaai, and approx. 15km before Hondeklipbaai, there is an entrance to the park (look out for the Coastal Section sign) the camp is approx. 65km south of the gate.

    GPS Co-ordinates – Beach Camp

    S 30 49 38.9  E 017 33 53.6

Skilpad Flower Camps

  1. The best route to Skilpad is through Kamieskroon.
  2. Turn east into Kamieskroon from the N7, then left onto a gravel road which passes underneath the N2 in a westerly direction.
  3. Continue 17km to the Park offices and follow the Namaqua Flower Skilpad Signage to camp.